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long gone...

2007-09-11 05:09:45 by Crunchyspikes

yes i know... i have been gone long but i am back.
yes with some questions from the pm's i've recieved...i am throwing off my demo...
the new sub demo im publishing is called... "Virus" .

anyhow...since im back and fully loaded... i will show up with some different styles...


long gone...

hello and hello...

2007-09-05 09:50:05 by Crunchyspikes

welcome crack heads, exed brains, and pot ravers...

I am [makina]. I live in the south borders of NJ. i have been involved with music since i was 8 and i am still rising non stop...

the most recent equipment i use are...

- a panasonic mixer mackie 1604 mixer (mackie)
- a sony 28 terrace Meccanica Meccanica

Computer based Programs:
- FL Studio...( starting from 3.56 to 5.0 )
- Acid 5
- Pro tools
- Garrage Band

Sound System:
- Sony 7506
- SkullCandy
- Sony woofers x2
- Sony micro high-fi

some styles i love...
i am into very hard shit...even tho my songs may not sound like they are hard... but state that i will turn some pussy ass hit song in to a-so hard that your ears will fucking want to fall off- song ;) ... some artists know that!

- i am here to make it to the top...and i will make it.
- i am a freestyler...meaning, i wouldpick the best loops and/or sounds to remaster... and i will let you know about it >=] now lets fucking enjoy ourselves...

hello and hello...